DuxSolutions Recommended FlexRay Hardware

Currently we can recommend following rocking hardware. Great price, excellent performance and wonderful IO. A dream for every embedded engineer. And more than affordable. Use our driver and network tool out of the box. If you need other hardware simply request a quote for porting at our distribution partner. They love to do so.

FlexRay Starter Kit Hardware


This is the Starter Kit for the excellent start into your FlexRay world. The best deal for an excellent price. One starter set contains everything you need to start into the world of FlexRay and CAN development. Create FlexRay networks, use CAN or create CAN - FlexRay gateways. This set contains everything you need.

One packages includes:

- 2 independent FlexRay boards
- 2 USB programmer cables
- 4 bus cables for CAN and FlexRay - English software and manuals (digital form)

Each of the two boards contains:

- BOSCH E-Ray FlexRay controller inside
- 2 FlexRay transceivers and connectors
- 2 CAN transceivers and connectors
- 7 Seg LCD display
- Analog Volume Switches
- 3 debug buttons
- 8 leds
- external I/O connectors
- one USB port used for programming and power supply
- a 32bit-FR60 MB91F465X controller
- AS8221C transceivers from AMS (Austria Micro Systems)
- software examples
- compiler suite
- socket holder

The boards are designed for beginners and can be easily setup and powered over USB. Together with a USB hub you can even create in an easy way multiple cluster configuration, like for example a cluster of 4 fault tolerant nodes. Everything is USB programme and controllable. A big set of software examples, manuals and the compiler suite is included. Highly recommendable! Perfect fit for the DuxSolutions Network Driver::FlexRay and the  DuxSolutions Network Designer::FlexRay Baby Edition.

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