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Telematics Course

The Connected Car - Mastering Serverless Telematics on AWS

  • Gain a deep understanding of the Connected Car
  • Navigate the intricacies of the Connected Car market
  • Grasp the opportunities and challenges inherent in Connected Car technology
  • Comprehend the pivotal role played by Telematics in this context
  • Explore the world of Serverless Cloud Native Computing
  • Develop proficiency in Cloud IoT using Raspberry Pi and Python
  • Explore serverless MQTT, a popular messaging protocol
  • Learn hosting websites on S3, employing static HTML and JavaScript
  • Harness the power of Serverless AWS IoT Core, AWS S3, AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and AWS SNS
  • Get to know the Next Generation Telematics Protocol (NGTP)
  • Establish a solid foundation for exploring other automotive network communication protocols

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Local Interconnect (LIN) Course

From UART to Local Interconnect Network (LIN bus)

  • Gentle introduction to the Automotive Network industry
  • Understanding challenges faced by network designers and system architects
  • Exploration of Automotive networking's value in the industry
  • Overview of simple serial protocol communication, including traditional UARTs
  • Deep dive into LIN (Local Interconnect Networks) technology
  • Detailed explanation of the LIN specification and market-relevant topics
  • Hands-on example for practical experimentation at home

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Controller Area Network (CAN) Course

From Controller Area Network (CAN bus) to Real-Time System

  • Covers Controller Area Network (CAN) in distributed real-time systems
  • Covers all market-relevant topics
  • Highlights benefits and challenges of CAN
  • Walks through the official BOSCH protocol specification
  • Explores latest design approaches for large distributed CAN networks
  • Addresses requirements of real-time systems like cars, trains, medical, and aircraft
  • Introduces industry tools and methods to validate CAN designs for real-time needs
  • Touches on design pitfalls and CAN security
  • Includes building an Arduino hands-on example


What customers are saying

When you have atleast basic knowledge about Electronics then this course is too good, Trust me I saw so many videos throughout the year but the contain and knowledge is given in this video is superb.

Sanket Manoj B.


Thanks for giving a comprehensive understanding of CAN protocol, Sir.

Chamarthi Siva R.


One of the best courses on CAN protocol. If you are new into automotive field this is highly recommended course for software developers/integrators/tester who wants to know how CAN works.

Ravi M.


Covered almost everything needed to get started with CAN..

Vijay A.


Great course, above my expectations. Author provided enough details but didn't make it complicated.

Nedo T.


Amazingly presented content!!

Phanidhar Kumar M.


One of the best classes I have ever attended. Detailed explanations and well planned lessons makes this class suitable for both new students or experienced professionals. Thank you Mr. Jankela.

Sergio C.


very good

El Hassan EL H.


Author is very clear on concepts, its a very practical course, useful for all embedded professionals. Though he provided coding under resources, I could not get the code from slide, its too small some times. I hope he does more courses. People who are doubtful about course content, I assure you this is the best practical course to start with for automotive networking.

Harsha A.


good experience



An in-depth course with many practical demonstrations!

Fabian E.


The training is excellent. The slides are very easy to understand and complex things are explained with help of relevant diagram. Good from basic to the level where we can independently work on LIN.

Soumya A S


good summary on the protocol

Frank S.